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The End of Times

Recognizing the Signs Interpreting the Book of Revelation

The interpretation of end-time prophecy is not an easy venture. To make matters worse, most of the authors who have interpreted the metaphors have in fact added their opinions instead of studying the revelations as the Lord intended. So how do we catch the message of the Lord instead of being misled by our own interpretations?

The End of Times can help us to interpret the will of God, since his revelations are written throughout the Word and we need to humbly understand his thoughts. Authors Roy and Julia Burger invite believers to join them in a search through the Bible to uncover the intentions of God behind the symbolism—thus gaining the knowledge of God. They also provide other views that may have gone astray of the Word, comparing scriptures and letting the Word speak for itself.

Colossians 1:10 (NASB) reads “so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.” Because the end times are approaching, now is the time to heed this divine wisdom and listen to God directly.





Our book on Revelation is finally getting ready to publish. Here are two comments from the Westbow Editing team a division of Zondervan

Editorial Review

Date: 9/4/2018
Author’s Name: Roy & Julia Burger
Manuscript Title: The End of Times

Overall comments from the editor:
This is a well-researched, informative book regarding the end of time, including relevant scriptures and personal observations regarding the books of Revolution, Daniel, etc. In it, you share with readers the importance of preparing for this critical point in the lives of believers. And to prepare for it, we must fully understand. In this regard, your book will be a fine tool to help Christians prepare for eternity.

WestBow Press Editorial Department



December 21, 2018
The End of Times
Roy Burger

Dear Roy:
Thank you for the opportunity to edit The End of Times. Your book is a thoroughly researched and readable book that covers all of Revelation. I like your mixture of scripture and commentary, which moves right along. Best of luck with your book’s reception!

Thank you,
Martin M.
Editor for WestBow

The End of Times

The End of Times